What is the Secret to Making a Perfect Sandwich in Delray Beach, FL? Balance, Texture, Bread & More

There is a lot that goes into building the perfect sandwich. Not only are you going to want to think about the protein you’re putting on the sub, but you will also want to think about things like textures and sauces. If you aren’t putting much thought into the sandwiches you are eating, you could be missing out of quite the experience. Sandwiches are often an undervalued meal that many people will simply overlook. Mr. Pizza is here to talk about what goes into making the perfect sandwich to fulfill all your lunch and dinner needs.

Balance Sandwich

The first thing that you need to think about when you’re building the perfect sandwich is balance. Many people will go straight to how many ingredients that can stuff onto their sub, but balance is where it’s at. Sometimes, you will want to hold back on decadent ingredients as you create a sandwich that is balanced all around. You don’t want to choose a pungent cheese that is going to dominate all the other flavors that the sandwich holds. Find the perfect flavors that blend well together.

Hot or Cold Sandwich?

Another aspect of the perfect sandwich comes from whether or not you want to eat your sandwich hot or cold. If you are eating a hot sandwich, you are going to want a little more protein on that sandwich as the bread will likely gobble up some of the flavors. In a cold sandwich, the protein isn’t going to change at all. So decide which type of sandwich you are looking for here.

Texture Should Be Considered when Making a Sandwich

When many people think about sandwiches and texture, they think about lettuce. While lettuce is a delicious topping on sandwiches, it isn’t the only topping that can give you the texture you want. When creating texture, think about the laying that you’re doing. Layer stronger and more subtle flavors between each other and try to break up the meat as you find that right texture. Toasting your sandwich is another way to get a different, crispy texture in each bite as well. Texture could come from adding some potato chips, a handful of fresh herbs, and soft or hard cheeses to your sandwich.

Don’t Forget the Bread

One of the most important aspects of the perfect sandwich is the perfect bread. You don’t want to have a bread that is so crusty that it chews up the roof of your mouth as you take each bite. Likewise, you don’t want a bread that is soft that the juicy ingredients inside turn it into a soggy mess. Finding the right bread to pair with your ingredients for the perfect sandwich is key.

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