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What is a Traditional Calzone? Where Did this Folded Pizza Come From & Where to Get One in Hypoluxo, FL?

Many people love their pizza. Those who love pizza tend to enjoy calzones as well. Calzones are even a favorite among pizza restaurants. When it comes to calzones, however, few know their origins. Calzones are basically delicious pizza packets that many people find delicious. For curious minds, we at Mr. Pizza would like to share…

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What is the Difference Between Stromboli & Calzone in Boca Raton, FL? Folded Pizza or Rectangle Dough & More

When you look at a calzone and a stromboli you may wonder exactly what is the difference? Both calzones and stromboli are a variation of a pizza. They both use pizza dough and are stuffed with cheese and similar toppings you use for pizzas. Both a calzone and stromboli use creative stuffing. However, you will…

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