What is a Traditional Calzone? Where Did this Folded Pizza Come From & Where to Get One in Hypoluxo, FL?

Many people love their pizza. Those who love pizza tend to enjoy calzones as well. Calzones are even a favorite among pizza restaurants. When it comes to calzones, however, few know their origins. Calzones are basically delicious pizza packets that many people find delicious. For curious minds, we at Mr. Pizza would like to share a brief history concerning the calzone.

What Culture Does Calzone Come From?

Calzones are usually baked, although some versions are deep-fried, more on that later with many regional variations and are popular world-wide. Typically, stuffed with toppings then folded over on itself into a half-moon shape, baked in the oven, and served with marinara sauce on the side or atop, the Calzone is a beloved ‘pocket of pizza.’ This Italian classic, both decadent and satisfying, also has a fascinating history that is as rich as the sauce to make them. Dating all the way back to late 17th century Italy, below we will cover what you need to know about the history of calzones that many people find fascinating.

Where Did the Calzone Get Its Name?

From Italian to English, the word “calzone” translates to “pant leg,” curiously enough. Because the original calzones of Italy were sold on the streets and intended for people to eat while walking from place to place is the most likely explanation. Just as a pant leg may be filled, as another possible interpretation that is a bit more literal, it may the doughy case of the calzone. The calzone’s original purpose was to serve as a “walk around pizza” is another claim.

What Part of Italy Does Calzone Come From?

Calzones made it easy for working people to grab a bite to eat without having to sit down with a knife and fork as they were born in Naples, Italy in the 1700s. by simply folding an uncooked pizza, topped with things like ricotta, mozzarella, anchovies, and olives, in half before baking it, the original calzones were formed. Because traditional Italian pizzas were quite small by today’s standards, so were classic calzones. Also originated in Naples, Italy during the 18th century is the calzone’s Italian cousin, calzoni (plural of calzone). While the damp-in-the-middle pies made in the same pizzerias had to be eaten on the premises with a knife and fork, in his exhaustive Foods of Italy (1971), calzoni, like pizza, originated in Naples, it represented a sort of “walk-around” form of pizza that could be carried out and eaten without utensils, according to some. Though also could contain more complex fillings, Calzoni were most often made with standard pizza fillings like mozzarella, tomatoes, and anchovies.

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