What Makes a Sandwich a Sub in Juno Beach, FL? Structure, Type of Bread Used & More

Depending on who you are talking to, there are people with strong opinions when it comes to subs versus sandwiches. Often, subs gets bundled into the same category as sandwiches. Some will argue that there are some distinct differences between the two of them though. This hot debate may surprise you if you haven’t ever given this much thought. Mr. Pizza is here to talk about subs and sandwiches as we explain the difference between the two of them.

Subs are a Style of Sandwich

First of all, we are going to say this; subs are a type of sandwich. The name sub is short of submarine sandwich so how could they not fall into this category? Submarine sandwiches get their name because of the unique shape that they are. They are elongated and resemble the shape of a submarine. However, there are many people out there that will argue that a sub doesn’t belong in the sandwich category.

Structure of Sub VS Sandwich

The argument is quite strong that subs aren’t sandwiches because of the way that they are constructed. For many, sandwiches are constructed with two slices of bread that have meat, and many other toppings stacked on them vertically. Subs are constructed quite differently though. They are made of a hoagie bun that is sliced down the middle and filled with meat and other toppings. So while sandwiches are stacked vertically, subs are filled horizontally.

Type of Bread Used for Subs & Sandwiches

Another distinct difference between subs and sandwiches is the bread. The classic hoagie roll that is used for a sub is simply sliced down the center as those two half’s of bread simply hug the fillings from the sides. With a sandwich, there are usually two slices of bread that are stacked with one on top and the other on the bottom and fillings found in the middle. Subs can be ordered in different sizes too. We aren’t talking about halves and wholes, we are talking in inches. The most common measurement for a sub is 6 inches or 12 inches long. There are some subs that are even longer than though. Subs are also served both hot and cold. There are many cold cuts that used to create the perfect cold sub while there are fillings like meatballs and chicken parm that are used for hot subs. Hot subs are quite often toasted to give that perfect crispy texture as well.

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