Is Mozzarella or Provolone the Best Stretchy Italian Cheese to Use for a Pizza in Highland Beach, FL?

When it comes to pizza, this is a dish that many people love to eat. The reason it resonates so well with so many people is the variation that you will find in toppings and flavors. The sky is the limit when it comes to building the perfect pizza for just about anyone. One part of the pizza that isn’t always thought of is the cheese. Pizza wouldn’t be pizza without some delicious meaty cheese on top of it. Come to find out, there are many cheeses that people enjoy putting on top of their pizzas. Mr. Pizza is here to talk about some of the different varieties of cheeses that people choose for their pizzas.

Different Types of Cheeses Used to Make Pizza

There are some cheeses that people will recognize right away as cheese that is fit for pizza. However, there are several that are used to build pizza that people may not think of right away. Here is a rundown of the different types of cheese used to make a variety of pizzas.
– Mozzarella: Hands down, this is the most common cheese used to make pizza. This is a soft white cheese that has a stringy texture and is perfect for melting on top of a pizza. Mozzarella is more than likely going to be the foundation for which your other toppings and even cheeses start from. Adding more cheeses to the traditional mozzarella is popular.
– Provolone: This is a harder cheese that still melts well for pizza toppings. It is commonly grated and put on top of your pizza to give it an extra punch of flavor.
– Cheddar: The distinct yellow color that is present when there is cheddar makes it easy to spot on top of a pizza. One of the best parts of cheddar cheese is that when it melts, you don’t lose any of the flavor. You can choose between different sharpnesses when it comes to cheddar as well depending on what flavor you are looking for.
– Ricotta: This is a light and fluffy cheese that adds a different texture along with different flavor to your pizza. It is lower in fat than other cheese choices but still offers a good dose of protein. This creamy cheese pairs well with spice and is used to create LaBianca pizza or White pizza.
– Monterey Jack: If you are creating a pizza that has bold flavors, you may want the milder flavor that comes with Monterey Jack cheese. It pairs nicely with pizzas like BBQ chicken and Southwestern style pizzas.

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